Personal perspective: Access to treatment for gynaecological malignancies in Sudan

  • Moawia Mohammed Ali Elhassan University of Gezira
Keywords: gynaecological malignancies, treatment, access, Sudan


Cancer incidence and mortality are rapidly growing globally. The GLOBOCAN 2018 estimates indicate that there will be 18.1 million new cases of cancer and 9.6 million deaths from cancer in 2018 and incidence is projected to increase to 21 million in 2030. Africa accounts for 5.8% of global cancer incidence and 7.3% of mortality. Cancer affects females more than males in Africa and cancer-related mortality is higher in women compared to men.1

Author Biography

Moawia Mohammed Ali Elhassan, University of Gezira
Clinical and Radiation Oncologist Associate Professor of Oncology National Cancer Institute University of Gezira Sudan