Taking newly developed skills in oncology practice home – personal opinion of a returning Zambian supernumerary trainee

  • Dorothy C Lombe Cancer Diseases Hospital


Zambia is a landlocked country in Sub-Saharan Africa. It has a population of approximately 16.59 million people according to the last national census in 2016. The cancer incidence is 10 600 and mortality 7500 per 100 000.1 With regards to cancer treatment it has one comprehensive centre, Cancer Diseases Hospital, offering radiotherapy, chemotherapy and recently oncology surgery.2 All seven of the country’s clinical oncologists work at this centre, which is based in Lusaka, the capital city. Patients must therefore travel from all other parts of Zambia to access specialised care. However, plans are underway to decentralise the care.

Author Biography

Dorothy C Lombe, Cancer Diseases Hospital
MMed Rad Onc (Stell) FC Rad Onc (SA) Clinical and Radiation Oncologist Cancer Diseases Hospital Lusaka Zambia