Clinical application of a new evaluation system in CIN2+ assessment

Jian Zhao, Ying Dong, Yan Zhang, Tingting Wang, Deyong Ma


To improve the quality of population-based screening in resource limited areas, a feasible strategy would be providing gynecologists with an objective method for colposcopy procedure standardization and results interpretation.

R-way (R: Red; w: white; a: abnormal vascular features; y: yellow) is a standardized colposcopic evaluation system based on standard colposcopy procedure. By analyzing the sequentially appeared features (“R”, “w”, “a”, “y”), a preliminary diagnostic result will be drawn along with a suggestion of biopsy regions, if required. R-way system is built to provide gynecologists with a technical assurance for quick CIN2+ lesions location, hopefully contributing to a decreased incidence and mortality of cervical cancer worldwide.


clinical application; new evaluation system; CIN2+ assessment

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