Instructions to authors

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The Journal aims to be the prime journal on womens cancer for local health care workers and gynaecologists, focusing on all aspects of cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment. The SAJGO is also a specialist journal catering for sub-specialist gynaecologic oncologists, for other specialists with a specific interest in breast and gynaecologic cancer, including medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, geneticists, specialised nurses and research scientists.

The Journal includes all aspects of female cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment and aims to serve a broad readership. As such it should be of interest to the clinical, scientific and academic community, policy makers government and non-government stakeholders and industry.

Cancer control programmes include primary and secondary prevention, early detection and effective treatment. These aspects form part of public health, general and specialist services and together form the important priorities of the journal.

HIV and AIDS remain problematic in the region with a severe impact on gynaecologic oncology. Papers focusing on gynaecological malignancies in HIV infected women will be prioritised. Research in this field needs to be encouraged.

The Journal encourages articles from all investigators in the fields of gynaecological and breast cancer. In particular young researchers and researchers from historically disadvantaged backgrounds will be encouraged and supported to submit their research work for publication.

Contributions from all African countries are especially welcomed. Manuscripts describing research performed at Southern African institutions and in African or developing settings will enjoy priority.